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The Compare-Bikes project

Passionate about the world of cycling since always, I ride in all weather.

The equipment, and more particularly the tyres, then reveal the importance of their role in riding in the best conditions and with the best grip / performance ratio.

As a demanding buyer, I have always enjoyed comparing, evaluating and exchanging with other cyclists.

After 10 years as head of a technical engineering office, it seemed obvious to me to propose a tool to centralize the huge choice of bike tyres on the market and to help consumers make the best choice. In other words, to find « the right tyre for their bike, their practice, and their budget ».

Surrounded by enthusiasts of all levels and partner shops renowned for their professionalism, the Compare-Bikes project was born.

Based on a multi-criteria comparator, Compare-Bikes offers comparisons to meet the needs of cyclists from all walks of life.

Compare-Bikes found his motto in a quote from Albert Einstein:

« Life is like a bicycle, you have to move forward so you don't lose your balance. »